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Fog on the Thames, London, 1954, - I was here in 1954!!! I was 7 years young at the time. We have family in Bristol, England and were in London with Dad & Mom and the rest of the family because my Dad who was in the military was posted to Germany and the first stop on the trip was London, England. So cool.....

Elain and Lucien. What you feel I feel, what you think I think, we are one soul, forever in love ..rxx

from Oddee

15 Of the Coolest Forced Perspective Photos

forced perspective photos also known is how are people so creative while I am a paper sandwich bag

Just a Pic, in a mirror #Sensual #Photography #Love #Intimité #Instant She said something so wise while she rocked, I wanted to write it down: “Paul told us to let our gentleness be evident to all*, and I want my gentleness to be evident to our baby girl, too, even when no one is around to overhear or notice but her.” *Philippians 4:5