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PEELING PEACHES ... The best way to peel a peach is to submerge them in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Remove to a water bath and then they easily slip out of their skins.

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Easy-to-Peel Eggs

Perfect Easy-to-Peel Hard-boiled Eggs

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A Nifty Trick: How To Peel and Cut Kiwi Fruit

How To Peel and Cut Kiwi Fruit

Every Hard-Boiled Egg Peeling Method Tested, w/ BEST Results & TIPS

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The Secret to Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Easy to peel hard boiled eggs #Eggs

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22 Things You're Doing Wrong

Peeling a potato - After boiling the potato, put into cold water for 5 minutes. Twist the potato skin off with your hands — it should come right off.

HOW TO WARM TORTILLAS ... 1) Place tortillas over the medium flame of a gas burner until slightly charred, about 30 seconds per side. 2) You can also toast in a dry skillet until softened & speckled with brown spots, 20-30 seconds per side. 3) Wrap a stack of tortillas in aluminum fool and heat in a 350 oven for 5 minutes. 4) Keep warmed tortillas wrapped in foil or a dish towel until ready to use or they will dry out.

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30 Foods You'll Never Have To Buy Again

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CHECK THE DONENESS OF FISH ... For fillets, insert a fork at an angle into the thickest portion of the fish and gently part the meat. When it is opaque and flakes into sections, it is cooked completely. Whole fish or steaks are done when the flesh is opaque and is easily removed from the bones. The juices in cooked fish are milky white.