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If I were a guy, I'm pretty sure that Ed Westwick would be my fashion inspiration.

26 Of The Most Memorable "Gossip Girl"-Style Trends, From Tasteful To Tacky. Chuck Bass

reception look.. #vestsleevesup IT would LOOK a lot better in a wad on the floor, next to my bed. OOPS!

Ed Westwick :) he's not my dream guy but after 6 seasons of Gossip Girl I have come to be a big fan ♥

Because he is Chuck Bass. If I was a guy, I'd be Chuck Bass. Meanwhile, I'm in love with him!

There's nothing more sexy to me than a well-dressed man, one who knows his own mind, can speak and write eloquently, is respectful and appreciates a woman's intelligence as much as her beauty... It helps if he has rhythm and loves to dance & will listen when a woman speaks!

If you don't find this attractive there's something wrong with you. Ed Westwick♥

Chuck Bass is a style icon if there ever was one.

Chuck Bass || Ed Westwick via Fashion CHALET: The Next Marlon Brando?

I just want every boy to dress and look like him.....