Industrial loft flair!

numbered stairs & chalkboard risers- We have been trying to think of something to do to finish the basement stairs. I like this idea.

I wonder if Todd would let me do this to our house. Never mind that it's a one-story farmhouse with no stairs...


the stripes are wrecking my depth perception! Painted Stairs LRR says, how about painting every other riser with vertical stripes.

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Give your stairs some zigzag style with this chevron stairs video tutorial from Home Depot! The staircase might be one of the last places homeowners think

How-To: Chevron Stairs

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DIY Projects for Painting Stairs

Tiled stair risers are a very traditional detail used commonly in Moorish architecture and these stenciled stairs are a perfect reflection of the Moroccan design style. By Modello Designs

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if one has to climb stairs, they might as well be interesting.This says: Dishfunctional Designs: Intimate Stairs: Painted, Stenciled & Wallpapered

Stencil Patterns for Stair Risers | Dishfunctional Designs: Intimate Stairs: Painted, Stenciled ...

Walking up the stairs is actually a good analogy of how life is. Life comes at you in moments so it is important to enjoy each moment of life one step at a time.

I'm loving this " mixed tile" look, it's a great way to save money or make a limited supply go a long way.       ...

Amazing tiled stairs @ Home Improvement Ideas -- Would love to pick up these tiles from traveling around the world.

"Stair Renovations"  Removed carpet from old stairs,  added some paint, stain and some inspirational words.... love it !♡

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