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  • Nadia Turanski

    This unusual house in Windsor, just outside of London is a tea room, appropriately known as the “Crooked House”. Built in 1592, the house leans at an angle, which happened after it was rebuilt with green wood in 1718– as the wood dried the house bent. There’s a secret passage in the basement leading to Windsor Castle that’s now closed off, but was supposedly once used for illicit trysts between King Charles II and his long-time mistress Nell Gwyn (or, less romantically for delivering produce)

  • Judy H

    The Crooked House of Windsor, oldest tea room in England

  • Madison Masterson

    The Crooked House of Windsor - Oldest Tea House in England I LOVE this place! It's the perfect stop after visiting Windsor Castle <3

  • Nancy Schokkenbroek

    The Crooked House of Windsor - Oldest Tea House in England #architecture

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Crooked House, Windsor, England

The Crooked Tea House of Windsor. I saw this this summer- really different!

If you go to Windsor, do stop in for tea! It is a charming and funky little bit of British quirkiness...the Crooked House of Windsor.

: The Crooked House, Windsor, UK (by Phil Wiley)

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The Crooked House of Windsor (also known as the Market Cross House) in Windsor, England is a British building constructed in 1592, now a restaurant. City of Windsor, Berkshire

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