I so needed to see this right at this exact moment, after the week I have had. I need my aunt, Kim to help me, Tony & Bob, Susan & Ken to hurt & leave me & my uncle and brother to love me and all of that... it will make me the person I was meant to be Thank you Lord Jesus I ♥ you!

So true....

So that's how it got here! The wrong choices earlier in my life brought me to this good place now.



We plan, God laughs. It's in His hands.

Something magical happens when you lighten your burden, by letting go of what no longer serves you. #Life #Women #Inspiration #quotes #Empowerment #Mindset #lettingGo #Success #Happiness

This one is difficult for me to remember...

It's so so true.

Wise words!


So true


So true!


So true!

the 3 c's of life


Only the peace of God can truly give u rest when deciding