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Advice: how to pull yourself out of an uninspired slump

Advice: how to pull yourself out of an uninspired slump

POSITIVE LIFE LESSONS - "What we see depends mainly on what we look for." - John Lubbock What are you looking for in your spouse, family, co-workers and friends today? No matter how positive or negative, you're sure to find it! Love it.

Top 45 life  words saying

Top 45 life quotes

it takes a level of self love, of dedication and determination to live your greatest life. so, look within. look at every area of your life and ask yourself these questions: am i on course? am i growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

“What is the real reason I can’t accept myself?” “Why can’t I love myself now?” “What is keeping me in the dark?” {BLOG POST}

Maybe it’s a good time to start accepting yourself the way you are. Maybe you’re already really awesome.


A man once asked his father, "Father, how will I ever find the right woman". His father replied "Forget finding the right woman, focus on being the right man." Talk to my self too =)

Don't stumble on your past

Good advice to just keep moving forward, and not let the past trip you up.I need to remember this literally as well!

Have always loved this quote!

Marriage Advice, Amen to that! "The grass isn't greener in the other side. It's green where you water it.

my new life matto Want it bad even if i   don't get it I'll say it like some people say that's what she said   everyday

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