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    Sweet music box for the smart board. It is kind of hypnotizing!

    If you have a smartboard, you NEED to read this!!! 21 Essential Smartboard Tips- like dual displays who knew! I'll have to look over this better later!

    Music for "Move It Monday" and "Fun Friday" Brain Breaks looking good!

    monitor classroom volume - click on "awesome website"...tested it by yelling at my really works!!!

    Animated timers that you can put on the projector. Gives students a visual for the time they have remaining. Plus a fun surprise (noise cue) when time is up! :)

    This is my students FAVORITE website. We visit it everyday and have even added a link to our classroom website for students to access on the weekends.

    Beautiful music and video to play when kids are working, or when they come in first thing in the morning....very calming!!!

    I would have never thought to do something like this!

    Tips to help students follow directions so you don't have to repeat yourself a million times!

    Excellent visual for students of the "cup game." I use "I've been to Haarlem," and have used "Maple Leaf Rag," but I like this listening activity as well!


    The best ABC song. My sons kindergarten class sang it at the end of the day, everyday.

    The You Tube video teaches kids how to do it. Works for all kids- not just Autistic ones. Even Mommies who need to calm instead of yell at their kids at dinner time may find these calming tools useful.

    This is a great resource for music that can be used in the classroom. This contains a database of over 3,000 songs for use in the classroom, and so much more.

    50 fun call-and-response ideas to get students' attention + tips for creating your own

    Transition Music - for smartboard.

    Brain Breaks

    Set up classroom transitions to music that happen automatically. Keeps you on time while also providing fun transitions for students!

    PLICKERS - Do you have at least one device (iPad, iPod) in your classroom, even if it's your own? Then you have a way to get automatic feedback from each of your students in a fun way that keeps all of your students accountable (no more straining your eyes to see every single individual whiteboard!).

    Great website with a lot of apps for students with special needs.