Sweet music box for the smart board. It is kind of hypnotizing!

monitor classroom volume - click on "awesome website"...tested it by yelling at my laptop......it really works!!!

Beautiful music and video to play when kids are working, or when they come in first thing in the morning....very calming!!!

This is my students FAVORITE website. We visit it everyday and have even added a link to our classroom website for students to access on the weekends.

If you have a smartboard, you NEED to read this!!! 21 Essential Smartboard Tips- like dual displays who knew! I'll have to look over this better later!

The You Tube video teaches kids how to do it. Works for all kids- not just Autistic ones. Even Mommies who need to calm instead of yell at their kids at dinner time may find these calming tools useful.

Animated timers that you can put on the projector. Gives students a visual for the time they have remaining. Plus a fun surprise (noise cue) when time is up! :)

Music for "Move It Monday" and "Fun Friday" Brain Breaks looking good!


Violet's Music: Angela Johnson, Laura Huliska-Beith: 9780803727403: Amazon.com: Books

Figurative Language - This video is probably my favorite. The person who put it together is a teacher, and his sense of humor is obvious with the use of calmer music, etc. My students laughed so hard throughout the entire thing...and I teach 9th/10th grade, so that's saying a lot!

Corkboard Connections: Fun Countdown Timers for the Classroom

Smartboard math games

The 70 Best Apps For Teachers And Students - Edudemic

Boom Chicka Boom...silly songs for brain breaks!

A great story about waiting your turn to speak and listening. Perfect for first week of school activity.

Jeopardy PowerPoint Template - Plays Just Like Jeopardy - Best Teacher Resources - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Love this....William Tell Overture with rhythm sticks (form). Add a listening map to guide the lesson. GREAT!

INSTRUCTION: Toobaloo Phonological feedback design and Headset: Great to support students improve their fluency and expression. Great for any student, especially struggling readers. When students are engaged in silent reading this allows students to clearly hear, assess and correct without disturbing other students. The headset allows for handsfree use makes reading more comforatble.

PDF notes- Scan your worksheets into a PDF file and open with this app. Students can write on the worksheet and print, save to your Dropbox, or email(you could even email to parents). Makes boring worksheets fun! So many possibilities...take a story have students highlight things...main idea, vocab words, nouns, etc. they can also make annotated notes. FREE