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❤ Do you know, why hugging is so lovely? Cause, there is no Heart on the right side...and there, it is always empty..till you hug Him/Her, then it is filled with His/Her heart...❤

Growing from our past is productive attempting to live there isnt. Keep moving forward. #quotes #purpose #inspiration

Gonna get my ankle fixed like you told me I should of done to begin with. I wish you would be there more than anyone and anything!

Photo (The Good Vibe)

Dreaming is ok but you must make progress toward the goal or the dreaming part gets frustrating.

OĞUZ TOPOĞLU : provası yok hayatın ne yeniden yaşamak mümkün ne d...

'' No doubt, madness is better than stupidity. Madness ; intelligence once was there, then ooze away. If stupidity ; an intelligence had never existed and continue not to exist.'' Albert Einstein

❤️ Don't expect an indication from me for my love for you! There is a way from one heart to the other; Look at your own heart. In case you love me, it means I love you as well. ~Hz. Mevlana