financial-aid-process; good flow chart for visual people

Check out this college scholarship infographic, with lots of fun information! You can use scholarship essay writing as the basis for your h...

6 Common FAFSA Mistakes - Don't let college students procrastinate on their taxes, they must be complete before they can file their FAFSA!

How Does College GPA Affect Earnings? An interesting look at how grades matter after high school, too.

Navigating the Financial Aid Process #college #scholarships #FinancialAid

The ever-helpful team at just posted a great infographic simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. Really helpful, especially since the clock is ticking for early financial aid consideration in 2012. Check it out!

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College Application Checklist a way to help you track your applications, deadlines, and the required steps along the way to college.

College v. the Real World. This is a pretty interesting infographic. How many college students feel like this?

Who gets financial aid?

Top 5 Scholarship Application Mistakes to Avoid!

7 tips for writing college admissions & scholarship essays

The Outrageous Hidden Costs of College

Informative graphic for high school students, parents and teachers about college admissions--> great for AVID in 8th grade to them thinking, but NOT anxious

College Prep Checklist

How to Get Free Money for College. Your form will be sent to a federal center for processing. Once the numbers are crunched, you'll be sent a summary showing how much you're expected to contribute toward a college education. This is the figure your college will use as a starting point to build your financial aid application.

Best and Worst Majors. This is a nice infographic, but it also points out that my actual major (Religious Studies) and what I currently do (Graphic Design) are at the bottom of the heap.

College Financial Aid: 10 Websites You NEED to Use! These websites provide education on grants, scholarships, student loans, and other types of financial aid. Includes information for how college students can get MORE money for school as well.

How do you pay off school loans? By getting a good return on your college investment. Here's how...

InfoGraphic: Where to Find #Scholarships

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