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Doing Laundry Cake

Minion Cake ~ Kevin holding a fart gun

Minion + Batman + Cake = Best Birthday ever!

Minion birthday cake

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Treat your hard-partying minions to a sweet treat! Click for our Despicable Me cake how-to & get in on all the delectable mayhem!

Lego birthday cake

Despicable Me 2 cake by Arte da Ka If only my kiddos were still little, they'd be getting this one this year!


Despicable Me cake with minions.

My version of the mug of beer cake I have seen on here so many times!! Inspired from so many... The only problem was that I couldnt get it very sturdy. I had cake boards, straw supports, centre dowel... and it was so wobbly! Thank goodness my parents only live down the street and it made it in one piece!

despicable me cake- the minion is so cute!!!!!! (never too old to have a cute cake like this for my birthday:)

Birthday Cake

Minion Cake

Creative Despicable Me Minion Birthday Cake Ideas - Girl nurse minion cake for kids made by Alba's cake studio|

Despicable Me Minion Cake

Despicable me cake

Look at this super fun Batman themed Minion cake that we created; perfect for parties and birthdays!

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