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Canada had plans to nuke Washington? Did they tear down the Peace Arch? Clearly Canada had enough of being called America! XD

From the minute I heard that poem in elementary school, that is exactly what I thought. Isn't there a reason it's travelled less?!

Whoaaaa!!!! Chill out, Spock....sidenote- I think Kristen Stewart must be vulcan!! heehee

Spock gets temporarily caught up with the feels. And everyone is like, "Hehe! Mr. Spock..."

Funny Star Trek Pictures – 32 Pics

Spock is half human, it is only logical for him to have feelings + feelings run deeply within Vulcans, sometimes more deeply than in humans! and yes a big applause for a great recasting!

"Guide to Spock's Stupid Hats" Hey, now! That Fedora is jazzy and epic.

I will eventually break down and give Z.Q. his own board, I just know it.

Star Trek Watercolor Print - Spock - Etsy - by Jonathan Reincke - 12.00

This is possibly the most epic picture on the Internet.

I don't think this is funny, but my husband sure did. He likes Abbot and Costello, too. Who's on third.