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    • Jessalyn Anderson

      Restored faith in gods plan. It's it's meant to be it'll happen. If not then that just means God has better out there waiting across the horizon

    • Jenni Ashton

      If it's meant to be, it will be. I must try to remember this next time life dangles the carrot of a lovely man in front of me then whisks him away because it's "not the right time for him".......

    • Mary Morgan

      "If it's God's will, it will happen. Only in His time. But He always has the best thing planned and it may not be what we planned. If it's meant to be, nothing will stop it from happening because it's God's will; and what He wills is always for our good."-SLC

    • Leah O'Sullivan

      True saying!

    • Cecilia Sweeney

      Food for thought.

    • Melissa Milks

      Long distance love <3

    • Ashley Frost

      True story. If two people are meant to be together, it will happen.

    • Kate Patricia

      I believe everyone has a soul mate you may meet and know in your heart that's the other part of your soul but timing just throws you in diff directions but then fate makes you meet again if its meant to be it will happen

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