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  • Miranda Jones

    What a beautiful set of pictures, the photographer did an amazing job. Each of them were so lovely, taken to tell a story. I love the looks on this husband wife's faces, the love in their eyes. I enjoyed every shot.

  • Lizzy Wilcox

    labor pictures

  • Cortney Bruce

    I will have a photographer in my delivery room. So many sweet moments to capture.

  • Bridgette Libby

    Absolutely amazing. The father's sister is a professional photographer who captured their birth story. Makes me wish I was close enough with a photographer to feel comfortable having them in the delivery room. So much better than a video...

  • Candace Schaddelee

    Labor Photos... These are so sweet, but I would never want a photographer up in my delivery room...

  • Hilary Duggan

    these are always the most beautiful pictures ~ birth pictures

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.oh my gooooodness. so simple and so touching. i have to remember this pose!

This. If you can't get them to sleep for your session, and they are too young to smile for you, this simple set up is the money shot. Place in front of a window with indirect light to add those sparkly catchlights. Winning.

Love this newborn photo. Sweet, simple. All the stuff in odd containers is creepy to me.

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this happens at my house pretty often- he won't really nap with me, but if he's with Daddy "in the big boy bed" it's all zzzzzzzzzzzzs

Babies first photo... I will have to take one like this!

Birth Photography - I love them in black and white...wish I had done this with mine, I have LOTS of pix...just not the emotion during. :) still remember it all like it was yesterday.

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