The people who are with the #Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation are some of the most down to earth and passionate people I have ever met. Every single one of them on the board have been affected by mesothelioma, by either having it or knowing a loved one who has had it.

I hate cold and flu's (and all other sicknesses) so it never hurts to have a huge list of natural remedies!

How receptive are most oncologists to using alternative cancer therapies for their patients? Not surprisingly, most medical practitioners are apprehensive to their patients utilizing cancer treatments that are not considered “standard of care.” But not for the reasons you may think…which will be explained later in this article. Most physicians interviewed in Dr. Ivy Lynn ...

Mesothelioma Family Support A Cure Tshirt by #Mesothelioma #Mesotheliomaawareness #Mesotheliomashirts

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