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One day... I might stop feeling so

Its how I feel like I'm alone in the world where nobody cares. I just want somebody somebody to stay by my side telling me its going to be alright keeping me in their arms telling me things will get better but there's no one.

Not to this extreme, but I can see how this happens.

Everyone thinks I am such a happy person and that I have it all together. What they don't know is that I am dying on the inside. I'm falling apart.

He didn't and that's one of the worst feelings. But don't stay depressed. Either he'll start or someone else will take notice of…

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When the littlest thing goes wrong, it brings me to a bad place.reminds me of this black cloud that& been hovering over my entire life. Why can& I just see it as a speed bump.instead of as a complete failure? I& loved by many, but feel empty.

I want you here....But I can't....I know you have plenty other girls to speak to...So go and live life....

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So either this is someone else making trouble or you are over thinking.


And today I realized that I am the biggest hypocrite of them all. have so much to live for. Then there is me, and I am barely holding on.