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Who Pays for Your Move to Australia on a 457 Visa?

Mailbox Monday: Moving to Australia on a 457 Visa? What Does the Company Usually Pay For? Shipping, Flights and What Else?

UK Pension Transfer to Australian Superannuation

This week’s Mailbox Monday post is about transferring pensions from the UK to Australia. This comes from a reader who is packing up her family and making the move to Australia, permanently. This is actually the second Mailbox Monday question from Cathy. You can read her first question about waiting for GCSE results before moving to Australia.

Tips from a Recruiter for Finding Sponsorship for Australia

Can You Apply for a 457 Visa while on a Tourist Visa?

Mailbox Monday: Can I Apply for a 457 Visa while on a Tourist Visa? What about a Working Holiday Visa?

How to Find International Movers for Your Move to Australia

Have you started researching international shipping companies yet? Well, there are a ton and, to be perfectly honest with you, most are HORRIBLE. After blogging for the past five years about moving to Australia, I have heard some terrible stories from my readers not to mention our own story of having our shoes destroyed because of “foreign dirt”. Yes, it happened to us and it can happen to you if you’re not careful.

What You Need to Know about Finding a Job in Australia

Are you looking for a job in Australia? Heaps for articles of Job Seekers on Sydney Moving Guide plus current positions for Working Holiday Visa holders or those looking for Australian Visa Sponsorship.

Resources for Expats Moving to Sydney, Australia

Resources for Expats Moving to Sydney, Australia. This is a long list of resources to help you out with your move to Australia. Be sure to scroll all the way down or bookmark this page for later.