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4 Reasons Why Most People Do Not Move to Australia

Are you thinking of moving to Australia? Here are four reasons why most people don't make the move and usually regret it in the end. 

What's it like to Work and Live in Australia?

What you need to know about working and living in Australia. There are many job opportunities in Australia if you know where to look.

Jobs in Australia: Quick Guide for Job Seekers

Looking for a job in Australia? Here are some Tips for Finding a Job in Australia to help with your job search down under.

I have compiled together a 10 step plan for moving to Australia, complete with EVERYTHING I wish I had known before I came over here, research from my zillions of google searches and questions I asked anyone I knew, and tips for job and apartment hunting. And of course there's some little humor thrown in here and there, compete with a lil guide to Aussie slang and some other important things you must know before you come here (ex. drive-thru bottle shops and sexy accents). Enjoy :)

What You Need to Know about Finding a Job in Australia

Are you looking for a job in Australia? Heaps for articles of Job Seekers on Sydney Moving Guide plus current positions for Working Holiday Visa holders or those looking for Australian Visa Sponsorship.

Will You Be Taxed on Money You Transfer to Australia?

10 Mistakes Made When Applying for Job Sponsorship for Australia