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Colors To Dye For: A Primitive Rug Hooker's Philosophy and Dyeing Primer by Cynthia Gallant-Simpson

Down East Maine Fish & Fowl Coloring Book (for grownups) by Cynthia Gallant-Simpson

Ancient Scots and Welsh history, "shadow people" ( a whole new brand of undead), "sad crabs", miles and miles of underground tunnels, and a geek from the present out to get back what was stolen through a tear in space/time and taken back into the past. Written by bestselling author of "ordinary" mysteries, who went way out of her writer's comfort zone...and the result is amazing!

How would you like to hear your doctor telling you that you are "pre-diabetic." "dangerously obese," or are suffering from a "leaky gut" at your next annual exam? How would you like to know that removing one vital food from your diet will eliminate all three of these prognoses and lots of others? The food is wheat. Wheat gluten, to be more precise.