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Way to show mummification using hot dogs. Could be an interesting experiment.

Science Fair: The Genetics of Eye Color

The Growing room ideas for teaching children science fun interesting experiments scientific learning home school

Making A Rock In A Cup- Great lesson in geology for preschoolers. (sedimentary rock)

Science Fair: DIY Hovercraft The boys love balloons. Thought this would be a good project.

sunscreen test using hotdogs

Bouncy Eggs - leave egg in vinegar for 2 days, the shell will dissolve and eggs will be all rubbery

How to prevent it in products we love? What could be added? Stains on tile. Which toothpaste removes best?

Taste Perception: Taste 3 colors of apples. After, color apple juice in 3 cups: red, yellow, green. Predict flavor. Taste. Talk about results. Predictions relate to past flavor experiences based on color.

Science Fair: How Do We Hear?Sound is a 4th grade standard

I did this with lima beans, but used different types of water. Tap, vitamin, and seltzer. Surprised at the one that grew the quickest and the one that never grew 🌱🌱🌱

Science Fair: Lemon Battery Science Fair Project