Anastassia Elias - Paris, France Artist -  Toilet paper roll with small cut out figures same color of paper

Paris, France artist Anastassia Elias #artistaday

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Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias creatively transforms toilet paper into amazing piece of art. She creates miniature worlds inside recycled toilet paper rolls.

Paper roll sculpture

Toilet paper roll scenes by Anastassia Elias. This one is a mother and child looking at the giraffes at a zoo. reminds me of Luna and I, we were both super excited to see the giraffes together.

If your creativity is wild, no medium is a limitation. This fact is exceptionally true with Anastassia Elias, a french artist who collects toilet rolls and turns them into great works of unbelievable art. You read it right, toilet roll. And not only is the choice of medium

From Toilet Roll To Paper Art: 12 Amazing Examples

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These paper artworks are created by Paris-based artist Anastassia Elias. They are cut inside the toilet paper rolls.

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Paper cut collages inside of toilet paper rolls illustrations by Anastassia Elias. For more info on the Anastasia Elias, visit the website.

Оригинальное творчество. Художник Anastassia Elias. | Наслаждение творчеством

These creations might be a bit beyond your average crafter, but they are beautiful to look at nonetheless. Artist Anastassia Elias mounts miniature papercut scenes inside toilet rolls, producing a tiny, layered world inside a very unlikely object.

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I love toilet paper rolls. Yes, toilet paper rolls are definitely under appreciated. Each toilet paper roll is the same – they are cylindrical in shape, short and made of thin cardboard.

This is the most creative use for toilet paper rolls that I've seen. Amazing.

Anastasia Elias has done a fantastic job of converting Toilet Paper Rolls into an Miniature Art.

arte com rolo de papel higiênico | anastassia elias.

24 Artes com rolo de Papel Higiênico

Soccer Paper cuts - Rolls by Anastassia Elias, via Behance Aptly captures my memories of my sons playing.

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blog creazioni fatte a mano per bambini e non solo


Paris based artist Anastassia Elias undertook a project of silhouettes encased inside toilet paper rolls. The on-going series consists of toilet paper tubes