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Aaron Carpenter ♡ he is just gorgeous I love how he is he's the most sweetest man I've ever met!

This is the real magcon. Not those other people that some people are saying that they are. Here is the original magcon and no one can replace them.

This is the real magcon. The original magcon. Nobody can replace them

Seus ídolos são normais? Então né...

Jack Johnson Cameron dallas Matthew Espinosa Carter Jack Gilinsky<<< Did you guys notice how the guy in the back was like.

Here's some beauty of @aaroncarpenter to celebrate hitting 30K

Here's some beauty of to celebrate hitting

Aaron Carpenter

-AC- "Hey, I'm Aaron. Lannie is my baby sister and I swear, hurt her and you're dead. I am one of the boys in Magcon. I like to sing and draw.

The beginning of Caaron

“ small& (mostly) hq gifs of the beautiful ray of sunshine Aaron Carpenter. I’ll add more to this as I find them, I apologize for this being so short right now!

What if they had a Macon boy Emoji

Ok I like most of the guys in the new magcon, but they shouldn't be called Magcon