BETTE DAVIS (The Bad Sister, All About Eve, Dangerous, Jezebel, Pocketful Of Miracles and Whatever Happened To Baby Jane; died in October of 1989 from breast cancer)

A very young Bette Davis

Joan Crawford - 1934 - Photo by George Hurrell - @~ Mlle

Meryl Streep.

Dorothy Lamour.

Bette Davis.

Bette Davis as Charlotte Vale

Lana Turner by George Hurrell

Bette Davis

Magazine Covers

Dame Maggie Smith

bright eyes

Bette Davis Eyes,..✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Bette Davis-- she's got Bette Davis eyes

Grace Kelly

Rita Hayworth

Lauren Bacall

Marlene Dietrich photographed by Edward Steichen, 1930s


Silver Screen Magazine Cover, Joan Crawford, 1929, John Rolston Clarke

Audrey Hepburn, Rome, 1960's