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The Incredibles | 25 Beautifully Reimagined Disney Posters That Capture The Magic Of The Films

Never see her face, but Frozones wife is definitely one of the best characters Pixar has ever made.

WHERE'S MY SUPERSUIT?!--funniest scene in "The Incredibles!" what made it so funny was Samuel L. Jackson's and the lady's voices. soooooo perfect!

I freaking love how u understand so much of disney as you get older

2 Teachers Arrested for Threesome With Male Student | The Stir

I’ve lost my friend (gif) This one moving image broke my heart. It shows how broken 11 is, and that is why I like him. He covers up his brokenness with kookiness, but really, he's hurting.

31 Things (Big And Small) To Know By The Time You're 20

O RLY? Mary Poppins reaction gif. (It makes me happy)