Perspective in space.

Perspective in space.

Perspective in space proportions - just when you thought you knew how vast the universe was./ Cosmos / Universo / Milki Way Galaxy / Earth / Solar System / Universe / Galactic

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Deux infographies pour bien comprendre Interstellar

1970 Christopher _ Nolan - 2014 Interstellar explained in one simple timeline [Warning: SPOILERS]

36 Rare Pictures That Everybody Needs To See Right Now. #2 Will Blow Your Mind!  When Sunlight Passes Through, This Rare Meteorite, Known As Fukang Meteorite, Becomes Absolutely Beautiful.

Here Are 36 Photos That Hardly Anyone Knows About... And They Will Leave You Totally Speechless

A slice of the Fukang meteorite, translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine gleamed among a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron.

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Just how deep in the deepest point in the ocean? Here& a handy guide mapping James Cameron& descent to the Challenger Deep back in March.

10 Mysteries we’ve solved in the past year… (but i don't know when this was made :/ )

10 Mysteries we’ve solved in the past year…

Funny pictures about 10 Mysteries we've solved in the past year. Oh, and cool pics about 10 Mysteries we've solved in the past year. Also, 10 Mysteries we've solved in the past year.

Natural wonders

December 2012 - Planets Align With Giza Pyramids For The Time in Years - Planets Inline: Mercury / Venus / Saturn

Started From The Bottom....LOL!

This diagram shows our cosmic address at a glance. We see our planetary system around the Sun, our stellar neighborhood in our galaxy, our galaxy in the local group of galaxies, and our group in the entire universe. Learn more in the Cullman Hall of.

The chronicles of Physics, more simplified

The chronicles of Physics, more simplified

Words of Wisdom found in Math Formulas. (Source) Well, actually in Physics formulas, mathematics is just circumstantial here.

With corrections made by those of each faith below, so that we all might learn to understand and accept each other better. Please feel free to leave a comment about a misconception or misunderstanding about your beliefs.

Where Are You on This Infographic?

Identify which religion aligns most with your current beliefs through this interactive flowchart.

It's getting pretty crowded around our star . . .

The creator of this solar system chart, Archie Archambault, makes similar charts of city neighbourhoods too.

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Non biological family definition essay Much like the assumptions made by the students in the article Defining Family, a nuclear family, with married parents, and biological children.

You are star stuff

We are star dust we are golden. of your body mass is, in fact, stardust, because all the elements except for hydrogen and helium are created in stars.