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Despite being the wealthiest woman on earth, Hetty Green never made it into The 400. Known as "The Witch of Wall Street", Hetty loved nothing more than money, except her beloved dog Curtis. She spent her life growing her fortune, evading tax collectors, hoarding her money and trusting no one, not even her children. She died with $200 million ($17 Billion today).

President George W. Bush and President George Bush isn't this at a at his library? I love this painting...can we get one for our house?

Madeline Astor inherited from her husband the income from a five million dollar trust fun and the use of his home on Fifth Ave and in Newport, so long as she did not marry. In August 1912 she gave birth to a son with whom she was pregnant on the Titanic and she named him after her husband, John Jacob Astor.

John D. Rockefeller(1839 - 1937) raised himself up to become the richest man in the history of the world. At one point, he possessed the equivalent of $1 trillion dollars today's money -- and there were no income taxes then. He started as a bookkeeper, went into groceries and eventually bought refineries & oil wells, which became Standard Oil. For awhile he owned almost all the oil fields & facilities in America. He spent the last 40 years of his life supporting charities and good causes.

La Belle Otero, Spanish dancer and courtesan, the most desired woman in Europe. She had countless lovers, including Prince Albert I of Monaco, King Edward VII, kings of Serbia, kings of Spain, Russian Grand Dukes Peter and Nicholas, the Duke of Westminster, and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio. Six men were rumored to have committed suicide over her. Her breasts were legendary; the twin cupolas of the Hotel Carlton in Cannes were modeled after them.

John D. Rockefeller, richest American of all time... worth 330 Billion in the 1800's. More than triple the net worth of the top 5 richest Americans today.

Late on the night of March 10, 1948, a fire started in a kitchen of the main building of Highland Hospital in Asheville, NC. Spreading rapidly through a dumbwaiter shaft, flames reached every floor, and, in spite of efforts by hospital staff and local fire fighters to evacuate everyone from the building, nine patients died. Among the victims of the fire, identified only by her slipper, was Zelda Fitzgerald, who with her husband, the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald

Caroline Astor, competing with the "tacky" mansion of the newly wealthy Stewart across the road,had the Georgian drawing room completely redone and turned into the then fashionable Rococo style, and it was in this room the family had their signature portrait done. This was the location of her famous "400" balls, where the lucky 400 were considered high society enough to enter her realm.

Nancy Astor, 1908, wife of millionaire John Jacob Astor. They had been on an extended honeymoon in Egypt and Paris, and in the spring of 1912, decided to return to America as First Class passengers on board the brand new Titanic .

Rosemary Kennedy. Received a lobotomy at age 23 for supposed mood swings and stormy personality. After the surgery Rosemary was reduced to an infantile mentality that left her incontinent and staring blankly at walls for hours. Her verbal skills were reduced to unintelligible babble. In 1949, Rosemary moved to an institution and was visited on regular occasions by her sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Catherine Carey, daughter of Mary Boleyn, niece of Anne Boleyn, possible daughter of Henry VIII

HRH Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, daughter of Princess Beatrice (youngest daughter of Queen Victoria). Married King Alfonso XIII of Spain; grandmother of King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Alice Roosevelt with her dog Leo, 1902 - She smoked cigarettes in public, chewed gum, placed bets with bookies, rode in cars with men, stayed out late partying, and kept a pet snake named Emily Spinach, which she often wore wrapped around one arm and took to parties. Her father President Theodore Roosevelt once said of her “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both.”