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Returning my amazing Oscar de la Renta Gala laser diamonds ... And trying out Mission Heirloom's bullet proof coffee (again).... Remind me --- why do people Erin this? I'm sure I'll know in 1/2 an hour... #bulletproofcoffee #missionheirloom by drcariborja

Stephanie Freid has been asked "Why would you go to a war zone where two of your colleagues have been killed?" but she returns to conflict zones because she views her work as a privilege to tell the stories of the people she meets. #TEDxBerkeley #FindingX #TEDx #UCBerkeley by tedxberkeley

I moved from my home in San Francisco to the hills of Berkeley to make this album in isolation. I spent ten years in the same space in the city; I made Dive and Awake there. This change of pace has been an incredibly inspiring experience so far and I'm trying to appreciate every minute I have in this moment. I hope to be done with the record soon and return home but I'm also hopeful that I'll find my way back to the hills someday. by tychomusic

Tonight! Cascada de Flores returns to the Freight to celebrate the timeless music drama & comedy of the Radio Days. Doors @ 7 Show @ 8 by freightandsalvage

The Return of BRRC DAY Successful Day #BRRC #BlackYouth #BRRCDay by nickfury44

Finding happiness in every day. Returning to the city of angels tomorrow probably helps. by cosmopolitum