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If only our loggers were this cool now!

This picture was taken in the and shows a group of loggers hauling a heavy load. It is hard to even picture how they got the logs stacked that high. It is also hard to imagine how they keep it from tipping over. Not to mention the poor horses!

I could sure have a lot fires in my fireplace with that!  Could definitely cut back on the electric.

That must have been quite a stacking job. Anonymous Works: One helluva load!

Le blizzard à NewYork en 1888  2Tout2Rien

Blizzard 1888 01 - Great Blizzard of 1888 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grace Childress - Google+

Grace Childress - Google+

Loggers with logging equipment. VPL_1803 | by Vancouver Public Library…

Loggers with horses and equipment, Lardeau Region, BC, Ida Madeline Warner (Mattie) Gunterman, photograph

This image shows an American soldier risking his life to save two Vietnamese children during a fight. This is bravery. A man risking his life to save the enemy's children Only The American Soldier Would Do This !

UPDATE WITH "POPCORN" SUTTON VIDEOS...CLICK HERE---watch his old-fashioned memorial service. As I have stated before, I love a well written, and memorable obituary.  That is why I bring to your att...

Obituary Of Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton, A Tennessee Moonshiner

Moonshiner: Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton was the embodiment of moonshiners of long ago, in Cocke County, Tennessee. identified as 1 of 4 “moonshine capitals of the world” producing “Mountain Spirits,” Mr. Sutton learned the family trade from his father.

Civil War Atlanta-- 1864. Photo by George N. Barnard. Wow how time changes a place!

Civil War Atlanta// yard of Taylor-Clifford home s had cannon balls,bullets dug up by Taylor brothers rob and guilford still in fam.

Heinrich Brambilla

Zebra-drawn carriage parked outside Buckingham Palace in London, Zoologist and wealthy aristocrat Lord Walter Rothschild used the carriage to demonstrate that zebras could be tamed