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Much better example of color casting images - it would be a very specific look, might be too much for everyone.

Bad Day Shop - Issue 15

Cover of Bad Day Magazine – Issue Masthead Magazine Graphic Design Color treatment + typography

EGO: black & white & turquoise | typography / graphic design: EGO Editorial Design, collaboration David Salgado, Mariana Perfeito |:

Love all the white space and simple colors/color connection between pages. Depending on context, could be done with one pop color per project. Layout says addiction to me.

This is one of the posters I researched for the poster assignment. The blocks are balanced very well. The colors of them also showcase the fun of the concert. The focus of the poster is the pink block in the middle, the eye then goes to "Kings of Leon."

25 Impressive Flyer Designs Inspiration

Festival ad-This is awesome inspiration for future designs, especially for a magazine layout or flyer. The repetition of boxes, large dominant image and bright colors drew me in, and the variety of fonts kept me interested as I read.

Bad Day no. 19

Bad Day is a biannual arts and culture magazine that focuses on direct dialogues with the international creative community.