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sao miguel arcanjo

In Persian mythology, peris are descended from fallen angels who have been denied paradise until they have done penance. In earlier sources they are described as agents of evil; later, they are benevolent. They are exquisite, winged, fairy-like creatures ranking between angels and evil spirits.

Angels - Anjos

Adi Shakti, Hindu, and means - the primal, first power. Feminine in its aspect, it divines the future, and is the embodiment of creativity, balance, and completion.

Little Angels Holy Card

@ GoyakhalaKokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.

Archangel Raphael, the healer.

Merkaba, também escrito Merkabah, é o veículo de luz divina supostamente usado pelos mestres ascensos para se conectar e alcançar aqueles em sintonia com os reinos mais elevados. "Mer" significa Luz. "Ka" significa Espírito. "Ba" significa Corpo. Mer-Ka-Ba significa o espírito / corpo rodeado por campos contra-rotatórios de luz, (rodas dentro de rodas), espirais de energia como no DNA, que transporta o espírito / corpo de uma dimensão para outra.

St Gabriel by Pietro Gargliani

Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of Love and his Twin Flame is Charity. Chamuel’s World Service is as a warrior, similar to Archangel Michael, but he works with bringing love to all through World Peace. CHRISTIAN

Coronation of Mary

Kuan Yin : the Chinese Goddess of Compassion

St.Michael the Archangel ~

Archangel Uriel, James Powell (1888-1915), St. Johns Church, Wiltshire WILL

Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles, patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom.

Angel of God my guardian dear...to whom Gods love permits me here...ever this day be at my side...to light...to guard...to rule...to guide...Amen...

still life paintings // this artist is incredible. Loooooooove.

COSMIC - Sacred Geometry


Archangel Zadkiel

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