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That moment when you realize someone was dumb enough to make these signs necessary.

Hahahah let's get on a ball and lift a shit ton of weights... Yeh lets see the results

Yep. Like this where I work. Never fails that someone from 2 rides up and holds the door open forever when I need to get to 4 five minutes ago :-/

23 People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now- I cried. And then cried some more. There are literal tears right now.

LOL - this is so something that would hang in one of my family members houses!

I mean by Denial that state of denying the facts, and forgetting that my Ego-centrism is creating more suffering and therefore Depression. // "There is somebody happier with less than I have."

30 Things British People Say Vs What We Actually Mean. #9 Is Perfect.

"Linger A Little Longer" Table by Jay Watson, uses a thermochromic finish to respond to the heat of objects and people, bringing to light the impact of the user on his furniture.

And I could name someone for every single one of these!

ha!! I need to wear this as a button to school everyday!!!!! Some people are really close to the limit.