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The Man-Baby Mustache Combo: | 26 Face Swaps That Will Make You Ridiculously Uncomfortable


I really hope this is truly from Bill Nye because fucktupled is my new favorite word.

The Tasmanian Devil fighting a Leprechaun... Round 1! I wonder who will be victorious...

And when they discovered the way some English words are pronounced makes no sense to the point of despair.

Staying warm // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

This explanation of "8/7c." | 33 Responses That Prove Tumblr Has The Best Users Ever

So true.

Yes! I always turn into a kitten!

Omg I've been looking for like 10 mins finally found it!!

Kickass Facts

Where has this been all my life?

Except that every movie I see with Kristen Stewart, she is still terrible and acts the same as in every other movie. One of these women is a great actress and one isn't is the difference. Kristen Stewart NEVER could've played any of the characters Jennifer Lawrence did.

The lip sync battles get me every time

All day. Everyday.


23 Badass Alternative Disney Characters | SMOSH

Ha ha ha

I dont know why but this has me dying laughing!!

Haaaawr haaaawr haaaawr. Is the unstoppable noise I made when watching this

33 Magical Disney Decorations You Need In Your Life........this is so amazing! !!!!!

Somebody get that cat a beer!

It's funny when a stalker blocks you and then lives on your page.

Haha dying