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The best things in the world.

Can’t you just hear the sound of the pen?? | The 29 Most Oddly Satisfying GIFs In The World-I could do this with my calligraphy pen!

What University is this? I need to go there!


Caller ID. These were actually high quality and held over a hundred names, including "repeater" calls--which today's phones do not show. Wish they still sold these!

Pushes button without hesitation.

Amazing facts!!! Mind blown

Yeah, but you would loose half of humanity genetic heritage

I completely support Gay rights! xx

The photograph was taken at the Aviarios del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. Since 1997, the sanctuary has looked after over 100 orphaned sloths, rearing them until they are ready to return to the wild.

20 people who really owned the whole DIY thing this Christmas @jadertaters this is your next ugly sweater idea XD

This is brilliant... Ahahahaha, can't stop laughing. I had no idea she actually slapped him. It did look pretty real tho

Why couldn't my school be this cool?!?

There is no need to put that thing back where it came from Two of the best Disney movies in one


Sometimes they're really bad at life but it's just cute and adorable. | 15 Signs The People Of Tumblr Are The Best People In The World

Because it's a strong independent tree that don't need no man!<<< this comment tho!!!

This Snapchat, captured by the most self-confident of photographers. | 24 Snapchats That Are Way More Clever Than You

The comments are great

My life

Random Funny Pictures – 50 Pics

I absolutely love this, I can imagine the Winchesters doing this. (Sorry about the language but this is golden)

lol cute