haha awww

I could watch this for a very long time


Aww lol

Never gets old.

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Cats and water...... just spent 3:19 of my life watching this. Worth it though


Pin-up Kitties lol

Click on the picture - hilarious Cats: | The Difference Between Dogs And Cats #buzzfeed #cats #dogs. OMG i love this LOL

bad doggy!

"I talked my kids into trying this...and I wet my pants at the looks on their faces when it worked."

I am dying! Seriously watched like ten times in a row - Cannot breathe

aww kitty fell down

This cat who forgot how to cat creep along the counter. I'm crying from laughing so hard. WTF cat!?

Here kitty kitty kitty


Laughed so hard.

Funny kitty!