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(LOVE) Groom's nightstand picture... Now that's so much better than a boudoir shot, its actually able to be displayed...

I love this photo because it denies us the actual kiss but shows us the reflection. I would also argu that the reflection in the water is a better backdrop for the kiss than what's actually behidn the couple.

I enjoy this. Great composition all around. Maybe would have liked to have seen more of the groom's face as well, but still very awesome.

cute "last picture of the night"

Ring shots are a lot of fun because there are so many possibilities for them. It's easy to get a unique shot with the right eye and a little creativity.

can't see it very well, but the guys are facing the opposite direction and girls are forward posing.. love it

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cheers! Must remember to get this shot with the wedding party!

What are the odds you have a bunch of pretty ass friends who all know how to pose perfectly. No way this is real, models!