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    Chimera cat is one individual organism, but genetically its own fraternal twin. A chimera is typically formed from four parent cells (either two fertilized eggs, or two early embryos that have fused together). When the organism forms, the cells that had already begun to develop in the separate embryos keep their original phenotypes and appearances. This means that the resulting animal is a mixture of tissues and can look like this gorgeous (but bizarre) kitty.

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    Chimeras are formed by the fusion of four parent cells. Usually this occurs when two fertilized zygotes fuse together. The fertilized egg then progresses like a normal pregnancy and the animal is born. Often it is hard to tell if an animal is a chimera unless the outward appearance of the animal is affected.

    Baby hummingbird and egg

    Orange black kitten

    cat gotcha back?

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    Born in Hawaii, Zoe is the only known captive golden zebra in existence. Woah.

    Kitty likes iced coffee :) I'm not sure if this is good for the cat. Actually, I'm pretty sure it isn't. Still a cute pic though. :)

    So cute

    baby owl OMG Sooo Cute!!!!

    this is sooo precious!!! :)

    Mr Peebles may look like a kitten, but he is actually 2-year-old. The tiny cat got its size from a genetic defect that stunts growth. At just 6.1-inch (about 15 centimeters) long, he currently holds certification from The Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest cat.

    What a cool looking kitty!

    A lesson from our furry friends about living together in peace. We were not put on this earth to hurt each other. #TA

    Panda Cat! MEOW!

    Cats Are My Bag Tote

    Great perspective! - Photography - Black and White - Cat - Kitten - Feline - Paws