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The Biggest Party of the Summer: WWE SummerSlam Quotables [Infographic]

( WWE CELEBRITY MAN 2016 ★ STING ) ★ Steven L Borden - Friday, March 20, 1959 - 6' 3'' - Omaha, Nebraska, USA. "The many faces of Sting in WCW."


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WWE Seth Rollins (of The Shield) Quote I hate when people say its fake, it's a story line and like any other story line it's STAGED not fake. The pain is real, the blood, scars, and bruises are real.

wrestling still can keep me connected to my dad and it is something that I will love forever for those who mock it say it to my face never don't it behind my back, these wrestlers seem to be more of a better role model then those Hollywood stars like the Kardashion, and some musical stars like Justin beiber, this is a hobby that will never stop WWE to me is my favorite sport of all time I love my volleyball, basketball, and soccer from those I never really like football.