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Kizhsky Pogost, include two churches and a octagonal bell-tower standing between them. One of the churches is 32-domed Transfiguration Church, built in 1714. The interior is decorated with four stunning stepped iconostasis consisting of 18th century icons.

model - Alina Bagaeva @ultrakids modelsmake-up&hair - Wanda Polyanovskayaheaddress - Agnieszka Osipajacket - Monnalisa photographer - Ekaterina Belinskaya

aurora_cruiser: В такую ночь ворочаться в постели приятней, чем стоять на пьедесталах

Nagada Sang Dhol, Indian Dance Group Mayuri, Petrozavodsk, Russia

PETROZAVODSK, RUSSIA - JUNE 21, 2016: Staff member of OOO Park... #syamozero: PETROZAVODSK, RUSSIA - JUNE 21, 2016: Staff… #syamozero

Soviet children, prisoners of 6th Finnish concentration camp in Petrozavodsk. During the occupation of Soviet Karelia Petrozavodsk Finns was established six camps for the maintenance of local Russian-speaking residents. The camp was located in the area №6 transshipment exchange, it held 7,000 people.