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Mating Turtles Fossilized in the Act

Biggest Fossil Spider Found

The biggest known fossil spider has been found in China, a new study says. Measuring nearly 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) in length, the 165-million-year-old fossil was uncovered in 2005 by farmers in Inner Mongolia.

A final journey set in stone. Something unfortunate happened to a horseshoe crab some 150 million years ago. A harsh storm washed it into a toxic lagoon, where it scrambled around and eventually died. What it left behind was remarkable - a perfectly fossilized story of its final, brief journey, capturing the longest, complete death track ever found.The horseshoe crab, Mesolimulus walchi, was discovered in Solnhofen, Germany, along with many other beautifully fossilized animals.

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Megalodon Jaws at The Houston Museum of Natural Science. Like the sharks of today, megalodon's teeth needed constant replacing. The ones up front were the business end of the mouth, while the ones in the back were ready to take a broken tooth's place.