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Sultanahmet in snow 2017. This district in Istanbul is the oldest historical district located in Fatih area. It was founded on three of the seven hills of current Istanbul by Greeks. In 657 BC current Sultanahmet territory was an old Greek city known as Byzantium.

Foto: Mustafa ÖZTÜRK 2017 Kuzguncuk - Behlül Sokak İstanbul

Historical Beauty . Blue Mosque And The German Fountain, Istanbul, Turkey Original Name In Turkish- Sultan Ahmet Cami and Alman Cesmesi


One of the most beautiful cities I have been to. I have been there 8 times in the last few years and I see no reason why I would not continue to visit the city in the future.

ISTANBUL. İstanbul güzel oldu böyle ya❄️ "Kardan bıktık" klişesine girmeyiniz, şu havada Kaputaş plajı paylaşamam #karaköy #sonyalpha