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    Incredibly, aerogel is as strong as steel, and virtually as light as air.

    There has been an increase in the use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) not just in warfare (Though the have seen much operational action in Iraq and Afghanistan), but also in law enforcement, journalism, the notorious and much discussed tacocopter and even here in Groningen an art gallery offering aerial shots of the area using an octocopter.

    US Navy Lt Fred Hunter piloting an OS2U-3 Kingfisher of Cruiser Scouting Squadron 1 as it is catapulted off the cruiser USS Detroit in the Aleutians, 1943-44 Source United States National Archives via D. Sheley Added By David Stubblebine

    Messerschmitt 163

    A Luftwaffe airfield in Sicily under attack by Allied bombers.

    1948, LIFE magazine.


    F-117 cockpit.

    Complete pilots Flight Gear 1944-45

    The first captive-carry flight of the NB-52 and X-15-1 on March 10, 1959

    F-35B in Flight by Lockheed Martin


    Kurt Ebersberger, Luftwaffe ace with 30 known victories

    British Bristol Blenheim flying over a burning German tanker in the North Sea.

    emergency rope window escape. looks way cool, but what does the cable attach to? is the whole system built into the wall and you just grab the descending part? how long is the cable?

    Junkers Ju 87B front view

    This Emmett S. Davis, CO of the 35th FS, 8th FG, and his P-40N-5 , at Tsili Tsili, New Guinea, January 1944. Davis earned the nickname "Cyclone" during 1941 while stationed in Hawaii, where his peers considered him the hottest Army pilot among them. In the summer of 1943, as recently appointed CO of the 35th FS, 8th FG, Davis engineered the conversion of his unit from P-39s to new P-40Ns, claiming 42 as his own. He scored his first victory on 27 September 1943 and two more on 26 December 1943

    German aircraft getting white paint for the winter camuglagem, Western Europe, Dec 1943; Note in the background is the Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber

    HE 111 SQUADRON, rising

    Cockpit of a ME 262