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Sniper Security at the Super Bowl. I'm pretty sure if I noticed this guy, I would immediately think terrorist and not security.

Mammen Axe - dynamite detail. This could be a weapon worthy of Ra(n)dbard, King of the Swedish colony in Russia circa A.D. 600. Radbard is the hero in AUDRA'S QUEST by Kim Iverson Headlee -- and purportedly an ancestor of her husband's ♥.

Nikon & Friends by ZORIN DENU, via Flickr

Sheath I Made by dog.breath, via Flickr

Remington 870 combat build, Magpul M93. You need the most you can get on the gun... And the Remington 870 is a perfect shotgun for the everyday, rugged use.

TAD inspired - Links to awesome photos of gear in use and items to carry

How to easily escape if you’re being held captive… @Ashley Walters Anne for our zombie apocalypse days with the Governor. I think we found the wedding band!

The ability to fletch arrows is important for your silent ballistics weapon! (bow)

Leather Belt kit by Howling Dingo, via Flickr

Kifaru pack wiht custom kydex sheath. Niceee. Definitely starting to really like the coyote brown look for bags