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One does not simply watch Angel Beats and not cry. Ummmm teared up is the understatement of the century.

this makes me really happy for some reason.

Internet friends!

I got you Ryan Gosling--yeah that shit don't happen to me when I'm sad. I'd be happy with a cat and cake.

Holy crap Bill Nye is old

Funny pictures about Bill Nye really loves selfies. Oh, and cool pics about Bill Nye really loves selfies. Also, Bill Nye really loves selfies.

Liu x Jeff

Jeffy and Liu. Anyone else call Jeff 'Jeffy' just because it gets on his nerves?

Did this at school.whole class now thinks I need mental help.and their probably right

Every single percabeth moment. That is my face. And my hands flap around a little bit too<<I have a headcannon that Mr D ships Percabeth. All during the books, he's right up there with Zeus and Aphrodite cheering when Percabeth kisses.

the struggle of finding the "perfect" hair tie. Two times around to loose, three times around to tight. You can't win hahaha

20 Beauty Memes That Really Get Us

Think I'll just clean the house!

I promise you this is why I had to quit Sims. If only life could be as easy as a push of a "take out trash" button.