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  • Jeri Willard

    Experimental Wifery’s Guide to the 100 Books Every Woman Should Read | Experimental Wifery

  • Lucy Cook

    Historians believe that monks in Italy made the first form of glasses as early as in the 1200's. Lenses were set into bone, metal or leather like two small magnifying glasses with inverted V shaped handles that could be balanced on the bridge of the nose.

  • Giorgio Ghisalberti

    Google chiama la moda italiana per i Google Glass: patto con Luxottica

  • Sarah Brooks

    Detail of an apostle wearing eyeglasses in the Wildunger Altar by Conrad von Soest, 1403

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[Bearded Man with Magnifying Glass Examining a Manuscript] 1870's. Antoine-Samuel Adam-Salomon

Reading is Fundamental, 8x10 inch Print. $ 15.00, via Etsy.

A large, still book is a piece of quietness, succulent and nourishing in a noisy world, which I approach and imbibe with "a sort of greedy enjoyment," as Marcel Proust said of those rooms of his old home whose air was "saturated with the bouquet of silence." ― Holbrook Jackson

jemima puddle duck by Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie, via Flickr

"some books are meant / to be read just like this / alone, with the evening, / a bowl of fruit ripening / waiting for the reader / to grow hungry, but / she won't, the book / will devour her, / and it / will soon / become / morning."

reading book_color by finomax, via Flickr

Reading takes you to many worlds, explores many adventures, and teaches you life lessons. There is no such thing as a person who hates reading, you just haven't found the perfect book-- yet. Hopefully my book club can help with that. 😉