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Here is a new joke in our Animals category. In that joke, a bunny keeps asking if a men sell cheese. A funny bunny joke that all the family can enjoy.

Glow-In-The-Dark Easter Egg Hunt: FUN For Older Tweens/Teens.

Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt. This is such a great idea! Would be totally fun for all ages, I would so love to do a hunt like this! Fun way to use up all the glow sticks laying around the house!

she knows - easter - golden marbled easter eggs (tutorial)

Take your Easter egg game to a whole new level with this gold marbled DIY

she knows - easter - golden marbled easter eggs (tutorial)

A night time egg hunt!!! Illuminated Easter eggs made from plastic eggs with glow sticks curled up inside!

1.5" Glow Sticks - Assorted Colors 50 piece pack

A night time egg hunt! Illuminated Easter eggs made from plastic eggs with glow sticks curled up inside! We did this So much fun! Note for next year, the sun sets around Start filling eggs with glow sticks around

Spring Floral Table Runner.  Pinned by from has high-quality faux flowers and grass for your DIY floral table runner.

Easter Tablescape - When using real grass for an Easter display, plant the grass seed 3 weeks before Easter. Planting and watering grass seed is a wonderful project to share with your children/grand children.

Use all-natural dye recipes made from household ingredients to create beautiful easter eggs:

Create a Rainbow of Stunning All-Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

Love the colors. All-Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes Use these all-natural dye recipes made from household ingredients to create Easter eggs in beautifully subdued shades. Leave eggs soaking in the dye in the refrigerator overnight for the richest colors.

Easter Egg Cake Pops

Easter Crafts

Guardate queste uova, sono altresì semplici da fare! Basta far bollire un uovo sodo normalmente e poi lasciarlo intiepidire. Cercate di "scheggiare" il guscio dell'uovo ma delicatamente, non deve rompersi completamente. Provocate solo delle piccole crepature sulla superficie del guscio. Mettete poi l'uovo in un recipiente con del colorante alimentare ed aspettate 10 minuti. Al termine, quando sguscerete l'uovo, lo ritroverete così

Dip in colored water (food color) Peel shell off. Categories: Food & Drink Added: Tags: Resolutions: Description: This photo is about Easter eggs: Boil eggs. Dip in colored water (food …

How to make cross from palm leaves on Palm Sunday

How to make Palm Sunday crosses. Add this to your Palm Sunday crafts! Kids love the last move and have something by which to remember the story of Our Lord's Passion and Death. So simple with good pictorial step by step instructions, too.

Ombré Eggs

40+ Beautiful New Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Spring vibes and easter bunny vibes. Do you dye your eggs naturally or with store dyes? These are dyed naturally with plants and veggies!

Ideas On How to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Eggs - 30 Minutes or less When the most humble of art supplies meets the shell of a just-boiled egg, the crayon wax softens, and the colors swirl together in a magical way. The results are fast, fun, and gorgeous.

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Make a Washi Tape Spring Egg Wreath! Easter Crafts and Spring DIY Projects

peep house. The kids had so much fun making these.  We added some maltball eggs too!

using graham cracker - Easter Peep House.using graham crackers, white frosting, candy grass, marshmallow peeps! Great food craft you can make with your children or grandchildren! So cute and so delicious!