Spray paint lightbulbs through lace!

Spray paint through lace onto clear ornament. LOVE.

spray paint coffee beans and use them as vase filler

reusing lightbulbs. Cool

doily wrapped around a balloon, glued and balloon popped.

Penguin lightbulb ornaments

Transform furniture with lace and spray paint. LOVE this idea!! Who needs to buy stencils?? :)

Old lightbulbs? why not turn them into pretty planters

quote/song lyrics pillow

How to empty out and clean a light bulb! To fill with other wonderful things....I've always wondered.

21 Spray paint ideas

Amazing idea!!!! Take a canvas, and cover it with stickers/decals (or cut your own) and spray paint the canvas. Remove all the stickers, and hang lights behind it for super cool decoration.

jars, twine, spray paint. (colors..)

DIY Ladder clothes rack..pretty awesome

#diy Recycled light bulbs - hot air balloons

Use dollar store glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint to make a beautiful candle holder. Perfect for tables

sequins in water... pretty and simple.

button covered globe