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Hidiv Kasrı (Khedive Palace). Abbas II (reigned 1892-1914) was the last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan. Abbas II sought co-operative relations with the Ottoman Empire, whose sovereignty over Egypt had effectively been rendered purely theoretical ever since Muhammad Ali's seizure of power in 1805. The palace, completed in 1907 stands on a hilltop within a large grove of some 270 acres (1,100,000 m2) above the Çubuklu neighborhood in the Beykoz district, overlooking the Istanbul Strait.

This Ottoman tent given to Catherine the Great from the Hermitage Museum is meant to be a centrepiece of Lacma's Gifts of the Sultan show (Photo: Hermitage Museum)

Moroccan paneling on the side of a yurt style tent. I want something very similar to this for a tent when we get back into the SCA.

Check in with your inner wisdom, where is this compass pointing you? Our intuition is always "on" so our job is to check in with it, ask it where it is leading us. JG