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Samuelsohn Woven Wool Tie Grey Regular

If you need a tie: Samuelsohn Woven Wool Tie Grey Regular

Ties can be casual too.  This gives you a sophisticated look when going out or would put a client at ease.

A wool tie with a bit of a napped surface in the weave is a good casual tie for the winter season.

I've been reppin' this style since forever, 'bout time someone appreciates it--> For "sexy casual" love the grey sportcoat, navy/white gingham check shirt and dark jeans. Make sure he gets them hemmed! I will pin each item separately too

flannel and tweed

Keep Your Cool This Winter: A 12-Step Plan

Winterize Your Ties We're not gonna try to tell you wool ties are going to save you from frostbite or the shivers. They just look real good with heavyweight fabrics like your flannels and tweeds. A shiny silk tie doesn't jibe with corduroy. Ties, f

Eldredge Knot for your Necktie -   How to Video

Funny pictures about The coolest way to tie a tie: Eldredge necktie knot. Oh, and cool pics about The coolest way to tie a tie: Eldredge necktie knot. Also, The coolest way to tie a tie: Eldredge necktie knot.


Gibson London Grouse style jacket, in a dark green with a soft tan and green window pane check. This Grouse jacket has the option to wear as a button 4 for a higher fastening, top stitching and contrast coloured thread details on the lapel.


Roughneck: The Season's Best Wool Ties

Great Gifting for Men: Less Silk, More Wool The wool tie has become the season's go-to, replacing its silk predecessor. Make sure the guy in your life has a few of these in his wardrobe to add texture to that favorite suit of his.

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Mens Vintage Wool Tweed Sport Coat Tan Beige Brown with Elbow Patches by Farah Size Jacket Blazer Sportcoat