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Sunlight 'destroying' priceless specimens after Oxford University's Natural History Museum cleans roof

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Massive declines in the populations of whales and other large mammals have disrupted the system of recycling important nutrients such as phosphorus.

Comparative phylogenetic analyses uncover the ancient roots of Indo-European folktales Sara Graça da Silva, Jamshid J. Tehrani

Grey Whale at night San Ignacio Lagoon | Tim Melling

"While yet alive, before their tints had faded, they glistened like the fairest flowers, the product of primitive rivers; and he could hardly trust his senses, as he stood over them, that these jewels should have swam away." ~Henry David Thoreau~ These are Portuguese man-of-war

Whales - One of my friends had this poster. I loved it!

MEXICO; we paddled up to this grey whale. He was asleep and snoring. by John Quilter, Feb 2006