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How does she sleep ??? People of Walmart #walmart #boobs

There's double trouble at Walmart. Major Boobage is flashing, peeking, sneaking, drooping, flopping and dropping. Perhaps they're smuggling pumpkins or.

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Chuck Norris jokes are the best! snl- seth Meyers, weekend update (Nobody crosses chuck Norris)

Grandma's pajamas... Why can't I stop laughing?

Omg I'm literally lying in my grandmas house on my bed rn wearing a nightgown from my grandma cuz I left my pjs at home what is this -claud

I think I scared the people around me from the noise I just made from laughing, hahaha! It didn't sound human...

I wondered what taco flavored yogurt would taste like.then I realized it was sour cream.I'm laughing quietly to myself on the inside.

I could use this one practically every day sometimes... Well, during the week anyway.

Free and Funny Apology Ecard: I would spell it out for you, but I seem to have left my English-to-Dumbass dictionary at home.

ghetto toothfairy.

Because sometimes we all just need a friendly "Hayyy" from the Ghetto Tooth Fairy :)

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