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Northern lights near Jokulsarlon glacier, Iceland

Milkyway Aurora Panorama by Tony Prower-- oh wow, this is gorgeous. I love night photography, and when it catches natural brilliance, it's all the better!

wow, great shot - Mackenzie River in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories ~ Dave Brosha

Bucket List: To see the Northern Lights (this picture is from the shores of the Mackenzie River in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories)

The Northern Lights dance behind Icelandic volcano Fimmvorduhals. (Photo by James Appleton.

A volcanic eruption on the Fimmvruhls mountain pass in Iceland is pictured with the Aurora Borealis in the sky behind. A British photographer has captured the rare and beautiful aurora borealis shining brightly over an erupting volcano.

Aurora Boreal

Aurora Borealis i saw these beautiful scenes in the from Illinois. Still in IL but no lights since from here. Too many city lights.

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Place: Runner-up. The shifting lights of the Aurora Borealis can take on many shapes and forms as they are moulded by the Earth’s complex magnetic field. Sheets and planes of glowing gas appear to be twisted into a giant vortex above Grøtfjord in Norway.

Aurora boreale, northernlights. Visibile nei giorni di sereno, dura pochissimo, è quindi difficile riuscire a vederla, bisogna appostarsi tutta la notte!!

if you've seen them, maybe you too hear wolves howling. life in Alaska. wolves the Aurora Borealis.